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Low temperatures have you down?

Don’t fret, even though the cold temperatures are taking over the northern hemisphere, there’s still half a world where you can enjoy the warmth of the sun right now.

Take Australia for example, the largest country in the word completely surrounded by water, has more than 15,500 miles of coastline. This means sun drenched beaches, wild seas, pristine blue lagoons and colorful reefs await your arrival.

Take a break from the frosty weather and hectic lifestyle, and head over to Load Howe Island to stay at the Capella Lodge, where its sculpted mountain peaks welcome visitors to this small island in the Tasman Sea.

This island group is part of UNESCO world heritage list due to the extraordinary diversity of wildlife. With clear views over the Pacific Ocean and the world’s southern-most coral reef, Capella Lodge rests above Lord Howe Island’s tiny, secret beach at Lover’s Bay and at the foot of the imperious twin peaks, Mounts Gower and Lidgbird. As the most exclusive property in the island, it has the best views and beautiful accommodations.

Home to one of the cleanest beaches in Australia, you will certainly have not trouble showing off your beautiful swimwear. To book your vacation visit

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